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Four Good Reasons to Take a Family Vacation

Four Good Reasons to Take a Family Vacation

You might hear traveling or vacationing with children is hard, or not worth it, or even they are too young to remember. There is some truth to some of these statements. But what if I told you traveling with children is so worth it! There are many benefits to traveling or vacationing with your kids, but let us give you four family vacation perks that will solidify your decision to take that family vacation.

Family Vacation Strengthens Family Bonds

Did you know that studies show vacationing with children strengthens family bonds? The reasoning behind this assessment lies within quality of time spent rather than quantity of time spent according to The Washington Post. Since vacations take you away from everyday routine and pressure of everyday life it makes the perfect scenario for quality time. Vacation frees families from the pressures of work and school. It doesn’t matter if that time is spent on roller coasters, hiking, or roasting marshmallows around a campfire. It is the perfect time to be patient, teach, learn and relax.

New Experiences Boost Development

Not only does vacations encourage family bonding, it boosts children's development. Going to new places and stepping out of comfort zones builds self-confidence, encourages independence, and teaches responsibility. When kids are given some freedom to choose activities suited for their age and ability, they develop a sense of confidence. They learn to adapt to new situations. Allowing them to pack, make lists, and keep up with their own things teaches responsibility.

Time Away Reduces Stress for Everyone

Time taken off work reduces stress for you and your children. According to The Journal of Family Psychology, children feel their parents’ stress. US Travel reports that according to American kids, parents are bringing work stress home and not disconnecting from their jobs. Taking the time away from work to vacation is good for you and your family.

Travel Makes Kids Smarter

Family trips make kids smarter. Research shows that kids who travel score higher in math and reading than those who do not. What is more interesting, the trip doesn’t have to be to an educational site. Exposing them to different environments is all it takes. So, next time you are seconding guessing taking a family vacation remember these four family vacation perks!! Some of the best memories are forged when vacationing!


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