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Benefits of A Baby Carrier, for Both Baby and You

The benefits of a baby carrier for babywearing make it a top essential for new parents.

It's totally normal for your baby to want to be near you. It is normal for a baby to want to be held the majority of the day. However, with everything a new parent has to accomplish, it's overwhelming carrying a baby all day. How can you do laundry, grocery shop, exercise, or pay those bills? Hint: babywearing!

Babywearing; The action or practice of carrying a baby close against one's body in a sling or similar carrier—babywearing originated at least half a million years ago when the need for mothers to work was imperative to survival. Survival is not the reason to wear babies today. However, Babywearing provides the best of both worlds, allowing you to keep your baby close but still be hands-free to accomplish other tasks.

Benefits of a Baby Carrier

1. A baby carrier makes going places with your baby easier.

Babywearing allows you to go places where a stroller isn't convenient such as hiking, narrow store isles, and crowded sidewalks. 

2. Babywearing reduces crying.

Wearing your baby in the first months reduces crying by 43% overall, and 51% in the evening hours. Less crying means less stress for you and the baby. 

3. It promotes cognitive and social development.

When babies cry less, they spend more time learning and interacting with their environment.  When you are babywearing they are watching and listening to you. They see what you see, hear what you hear or say, and are more involved with the person carrying them. Having your baby close allows you to respond to them in the moment. You will be more in-tuned with their reactions and emotions. All of this improves their cognitive and social development.

4. A baby carrier encourages bonding.

When your child is born, doctors and nurses place your little one on your chest. This action encourages strong instinctive behaviors in both parent and child. Continuing this skin-to-skin contact continues the bonding between you and your baby. This closeness helps you get to know your baby and be in-tuned with their needs helping you become more confident. 

5. Research shows it can decrease the risk of postpartum depression.

Confidence in your abilities as a mother can enhance your overall well-being. Plus, babywearing makes it easier to get out and be social, keeping loneliness and depression at bay. The skin-to-skin contact provided by babywearing can reduce postpartum depression by increasing oxytocin levels which helps restore pregnancy hormone levels reducing the risk of postpartum depression.

6. Mom isn't the only one who gets to bond.

Babywearing increases bonding between other family members as well. Partners, grandparents, godparents, and close friends can also build a strong bond with a baby by using a baby wrap or carrier. 

7. It's good for their overall health and development.

Wearing you little ones, benefits their physical health and development. Carrying them puts them in an upright position preventing flat head syndrome caused from lying. This upright position also helps promote digestion, decreasing the chances of colic and reflux. Also, a substantial benefit to natural hip development occurs when the proper M-position of the hips is maintained.

8. Nursing is easier when babywearing.

Your baby is already in the right spot for nursing. They will become accustomed to nursing while in the baby carrier and will be able to find and latch easier. The baby carrier also provides built-in privacy. 

9. A baby carrier lets you keep up with life: hands-free.

There is always so much more to do with a brand-new little one. Now you can do what needs to be done and not feel guilty about choosing one over the other. For parents that have more than one child, this is especially important. Now, you have more time for your older children. You can be present to play games or hold hands. and no one will feel left out.

10. It helps keep unwanted touches and germs away.

A baby carrier keeps your baby close and covered, deterring unwanted touches and germs. 


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