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5 Tips to Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Working toward an open cup should be the goal, but let’s face it there are times in daily life you want to reduce messes and preserve your sanity. For those times, sippy cups are an essential for every parent to have. These tips will help your baby transition from bottle to sippy cup so you can enjoy those special life moments without the mess and stress!

  1. Start Early

Some recommend starting anywhere from 6 to 8 months of age. Parents know best, so do your research and begin when you and your baby are ready and consult with your physician.

  1. Replace bottle with cup at meals.

Start with only one meal and gradually add it to other meals and in between meals over time. You may also want to remove the valve so your child learns the traditional method of drinking and only put the valve in when out or traveling.

  1. Start off with a small amount (1 oz. or so) of a familiar liquid.

You may want to start with milk since that is what your baby is use to. You could also introduce water, but avoid fruit juices since they have a high sugar content.

  1. Let them play with it

Let them touch and explore it so it isn’t a foreign object. Incorporate some pretend play and model how it’s done.

  1. Be Consistent

Introduce it daily but be patient. It takes time to transition from bottle to sippy cup, but with positive reinforcement and persistence they will be drinking like a pro.

At Places Whee Go we want you to succeed! The links below are some of our favorite sippy cups to help with this milestone in your little ones journey. 

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